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Welcome to Creative Magic Club! Together, we'll discover inspirational stories of creative entrepreneurs living out their dreams, doing the work they're MOST passionate about and building wealth in magical, FUN ways!

While building a six-figure income as a writer and coach helping other women launch their dream businesses, I've connected with SO many incredible people and seen it proven again and again that you CAN thrive financially doing whatever it is you're passionate about.

I'm here to share life-changing strategies for mindset, making money and reaching more people with your work in a business and life filled with freedom, creativity and FUN.

Oct 29, 2020

In this week’s episode of Creative Magic Club, I dive into a game-changing conversation around the benefits of a plant-based diet and the power of yoga nidra to shift your beliefs, habits, health and life with plant-based nutritionist and yoga teacher Amy Nicole from Montreal.

She shares her journey to recovering her...

Oct 22, 2020

This week I spoke to Money Coach, Freya Savage about one of our all-time favourite subjects: money! We talk about how to earn more in fun ways AND what the hell to do with it to grow our financial stability in the simplest way possible! You’re going to love how she cuts through the crap on the topic of...

Oct 14, 2020

Discover the incredible story of how Charlene went from a broad idea for a business to landing a book deal within just a few months.

She shares how she got specific in her message and audience targeting, how she landed a ton of press and how that evolved into a book deal!

We also talk about the most important aspects...