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Welcome to Creative Magic Club! Together, we'll discover inspirational stories of creative entrepreneurs living out their dreams, doing the work they're MOST passionate about and building wealth in magical, FUN ways!

While building a six-figure income as a writer and coach helping other women launch their dream businesses, I've connected with SO many incredible people and seen it proven again and again that you CAN thrive financially doing whatever it is you're passionate about.

I'm here to share life-changing strategies for mindset, making money and reaching more people with your work in a business and life filled with freedom, creativity and FUN.

Aug 12, 2021

Stop undercharging in your coaching business. Just stop! Here’s how…

In today’s episode of Creative Magic Club I share some of the different ways I’ve had $10k+ cash months in my coaching business.

I share what it really took to work through my anxiety around money and asking for more, and what strategic shifts in my business allowed me to start hitting 5-figure months with so much more ease. With way more ease than charging $5 for a copywriting gig… which is where I started as an entrepreneur!

This week’s episode is juicy, and will expand your earning potential. Definitely give it a listen and share it with any fellow women entrepreneurs who you KNOW deserve to be earning more for their incredible life-changing work.

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