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Welcome to Creative Magic Club! Together, we'll discover inspirational stories of creative entrepreneurs living out their dreams, doing the work they're MOST passionate about and building wealth in magical, FUN ways!

While building a six-figure income as a writer and coach helping other women launch their dream businesses, I've connected with SO many incredible people and seen it proven again and again that you CAN thrive financially doing whatever it is you're passionate about.

I'm here to share life-changing strategies for mindset, making money and reaching more people with your work in a business and life filled with freedom, creativity and FUN.

Oct 29, 2021

I decided to share some of the key shifts and lessons that lead to my first 6-figure year as an entrepreneur.

In this week’s episode of Creative Magic Club, I share what changed and what WORKED to lead me to:

⭐Explode my income as a coach and have my first 6-figure year
⭐Retire my done-for-you copywriting clients and focus 100% on coaching & mentoring
​​⭐Start having 5-figure months selling coaching offers
⭐Reduce my working hours and start feeling a lot more rested in life and biz

You’ll definitely want to check this one out!!