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Welcome to Creative Magic Club! Together, we'll discover inspirational stories of creative entrepreneurs living out their dreams, doing the work they're MOST passionate about and building wealth in magical, FUN ways!

While building a six-figure income as a writer and coach helping other women launch their dream businesses, I've connected with SO many incredible people and seen it proven again and again that you CAN thrive financially doing whatever it is you're passionate about.

I'm here to share life-changing strategies for mindset, making money and reaching more people with your work in a business and life filled with freedom, creativity and FUN.

Mar 25, 2021

Have you experienced bullying or toxicity in your female friendships? In this episode of Creative Magic Club, I talk to author, coach and healer Jenny Dalton about her journey from being bullied as a young girl, to becoming a published novelist and facilitating conversations to heal the wounds bullying has created.

Jenny shares how her relationship with her new husband sparked conversations around her defensiveness which lead her to acknowledge the impact bullying had had on her childhood.

We also talk about the impact of toxic conversations in the media and how to have an empowered relationship with the media we use. Plus we talk about navigating the path of reducing content consumption and becoming a creator and contributor to conversations that evolve our world into one that supports our values and creates positive transformation in the communities we care about most.

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